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Butterfly Gardening: Creating Summer Magic in Your Garden
Produced by The Xerces Society and The Smithsonian Institution, published by Sierra Club Books.

The Xerces Society presents the Revised Edition of Butterfly Gardening: Creating Summer Magic in Your Garden, co-authored with the Smithsonian Institution. The first edition, in print since 1990, has sold more than 40,000 copies. Butterfly Gardening includes close-up color photographs of butterflies and the plants that attract them, and writing by eminent authors on the subjects of butterflies, gardening, and conservation. Sample garden designs; a master plant list; and chapters on moths in the garden at night, butterfly watching, butterfly photography, and native plant conservation make this a unique and informative reference. Extensive appendices include lists of nectar plants for North American butterflies and moths, a list of North America’s most familiar butterflies and their larval food plants, a resource directory, and a bibliography.

This revised edition includes more than 50 new photographs and a foreword by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Edward O. Wilson. Two new chapters broaden the scope of the book to include gardening for other beneficial insects, and on the need to preserve the complex relationships that pollinators and plants have developed over millennia. Gary Paul Nabhan, author of The Forgotten Pollinators, describes his attempt to attract butterflies from the wild into his backyard habitat. Adrian Forsyth, a tropical ecologist and author of nine natural history books, explains how to control garden pests by cultivating plants that attract their predators.

Beautifully produced, Butterfly Gardening features the spectacular photography of Edward S. Ross, whose work frequently appears in our popular membership magazine, Wings. 208 pages, 130 photographs, softcover.

This book is currently out of print and no longer available.