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Dear Friends,

Science is the foundation of our work here at the Xerces Society. It underpins everything we do. Thanks to your support, we undertake applied research to determine the extent of decline for bumble bees, freshwater mussels, butterflies, and many other invertebrates. We work with landowners and land management agencies to determine where at-risk species occur, so we can target conservation dollars to protect their habitat. We monitor restoration sites to make sure that our efforts produce effective results. We harness the power of thousands of citizen scientists to gather valuable conservation data. Beyond our own studies, we collaborate with scientists at universities around the world to advance the science of invertebrate protection. 

Whether it is working to protect bees from toxic pesticides, improve habitat for the maximum benefit of pollinators, or understand the influence of climate change on butterflies, we only promote the best evidence-based policies and practices. 

Taking a deliberative approach to all of our work and using the best possible science takes extra time and funding, but is the most effective way to achieve lasting change for the future.

This is why I am coming to you today. We need your support to ensure that we can continue our comprehensive science-based approach to protect pollinators and other invertebrates. DONATE TODAY!

At Xerces we work on solutions. We take time to ensure that our actions are backed by evidence. In the conservation world, we are the go-to source for reliable and accurate information on invertebrates, and our outreach and education creates effective results. With your help we have protected dozens of at-risk species and tens of thousands of acres of wildlands that they need to survive. We have worked with agencies and farmers to restore more than 200,000 acres for pollinators. We have trained over 45,000 people through face-to-face workshops, farm tours, field days, and conferences. Our resources have reached hundreds of thousands more – empowering all to be part of the solution.

Thank you so much for your confidence in our work and your participation in this critical movement. With your help we can continue to bring the best-available information to bear on some of the planet’s most pressing problems. Please consider supporting our work this essential by making a tax-deductible contribution. DONATE TODAY!


Scott Black

P.S. You make all of this work possible, and your support is needed now. For bumble bees, monarchs, and all hardworking pollinators, please consider making a year-end DONATION TODAY!

Photo credit: Jennifer Hopwood, The Xerces Society