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Contents of the fall 2014 issue:

This issue of Wings is mostly about butterflies and moths: their importance as pollinators; how atalas disappeared from south Florida and then returned; and the challenges in captive rearing of endangered invertebrates such as the quino checkerspot.

This issue can be downloaded as a single PDF file, click here to view.

  • Protecting Pollinators: A Critical Issue of Our Time, by Scott Hoffman Black.
  • Butterflies and Moths as Pollinators, by Candace Fallon, Scott Hoffman Black, and Matthew Shepherd. Although butterflies are often dismissed as pollinators, evidence indicates that they and moths do pollinate, and may have specialized relationships with flowers.
  • The Ecological and Social History of the Atala Butterfly in Southeast Florida, by Gil L. Pettigrew. Once near extinction, the atala butterfly has made a remarkable recovery.
  • Pupal Cells and Pumpkin Seeds: A Continuing Education in Invertebrate Zoology, by Paige Howorth. Breeding invertebrates in zoos requires ingenuity, but it can assist in the rescue of imperiled species and introduce people to these amazing creatures.
  • Conservation Spotlight: The Migratory Dragonfly Partnership, which engages scientists, organizations, and individuals in studying and protecting North America’s dragonflies.
  • Invertebrate Notes: A roundup of new books and recent research.
  • Staff Profile: Meet Celeste Mazzacano, our aquatic conservation director.
  • Xerces News: Updates on Xerces Society projects and successes.
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