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Contents of the Fall 2015 issue:

Pesticides are often the first choice for dealing with a pest, or even with the prospect of one. This issue of Wings suggests that we reassess how we use them and why.

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  • Rethinking Pesticides , by Scott Hoffman Black. Page 3.
  • Pursuing a Thoughtful Balance in the Management of Insect Pests, by Thelma Heidel-Baker and Scott Hoffman Black. Managing insect pests is a major concern for all farmers. Integrated pest management offers an effective approach that works in concert with the environment. Page 5.
  • Mosquitoes, Wildlife, and People: Crafting and Integrated Management Plan, by Celeste A. Searles Mazzacano. An mosquito outbreak brought calls for spraying over a national wildlife refuge. Local action forced a review of the proposed plan and led to a new solution. Page 10.
  • Neonicotinoids: Silver Bullets that Misfired, by Aimee Code. Neonicotinoids have rapidly become the world’s most-used insecticides. It’s now apparent that their impact reaches far beyond their intended targets. Page 16.
  • Conservation Spotlight: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Pacific Region is seeking to better understand monarch butterflies and native milkweeds in the western United States. Page 22.
  • Invertebrate Notes: A roundup of new books and recent research. Page 24.
  • Staff Profile: Meet Aimee Code, who directs our pesticide program. Page 26.
  • Xerces News: Updates on Xerces Society projects and successes. Page 27.