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Wings: Essays on Invertebrate Conservation is published twice per year in the spring and fall. Each issue features spectacular photos by leading photographers and articles by well-respected scientists and conservationists. Join Xerces today to receive a copy of the latest issue!

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Contents of the Spring 2016 issue:

The Xerces Society began as a butterfly conservation group, and although the organization’s work has grown broader, they remain at the heart of what we do.

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  • The Xerces Society’s Roots in Butterfly Conservation, by Scott Hoffman Black. Page 3.
  • North American Butterflies: Are Once-Common Species in Trouble?, by Scott Hoffman Black. Attention is often focused on the disappearance of rare butterflies, but many of North America’s widespread and common species are also declining. Page 5.
  • Gardening with Butterflies, by Matthew Shepherd. Anyone can create a place that butterflies will want to visit. The strategies the author suggests are adaptable for a broad range of locations. Page 10.
  • Conserving the Crystal Skipper, North Carolina’s Newest Butterfly, by Allison Leidner. Discovered in the late 1970s, the crystal skipper was already facing threats to its coastal habitat by the time it was officially described and named last year. Page 16.
  • Conservation Spotlight: Over the last half century, Butterfly Conservation has become the most respected and influential voice protecting butterflies and moths in Britain. Page 22.
  • Invertebrate Notes: A roundup of new books and recent research. Page 24.
  • Staff Profile: Meet Sarina Jepsen, director of our endangered species and aquatics programs. Page 26.
  • Xerces News: Updates on Xerces Society projects and successes. Page 27.


sept-2016-newsl-thumbAn update is published twice yearly and includes updates on Xerces Society projects and highlights current conservation efforts.

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