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Bee City USA Founder
Pollinator Champion
Xerces Contributor
Phyllis Stiles - Bee City USA & Xerces Society

Phyllis Stiles, an employee of the Xerces Society from 2018-2019, was named the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign’s United States’ Pollinator Advocate of the Year for 2015. She founded Bee City USA in 2012, and Bee Campus USA in 2015. When she attended bee school in 2008, "they had her at hello." Her days are now filled with learning all she can about pollinators, native plants, pesticides and what people can do to sustain the 200,000+ species of hardworking pollinators that sustain our planet. Phyllis has spent her career serving communities from West Africa to the Mississippi Delta, and non-profit organizations in fields ranging from natural resource and farmland protection to civic leadership development. In her free time, Phyllis enjoys hiking, trying to speak French, and playing her upright bass.

Please note: Phyllis has retired as of December 31, 2019. Please reach out to Laura Rost, Bee City USA Coordinator, for any Bee City or Bee Campus questions you may have: [email protected].