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How to Host a Facebook Fundraiser

By Suzanne Granahan on 14. November 2017
Suzanne Granahan

You can make a difference for the "little things that run the world."

We’ve been the grateful beneficiaries of some fantastic fundraising efforts over the years, from lemonade stands to an art show organized by a high school student. Now, social media has made it easy for anyone to create a fundraiser for their favorite nonprofit group in just a few clicks.

We are in the time of year where the spirit of giving is celebrated and we reflect on what’s most important to us. We would be honored if you’d consider doing a fundraiser for Xerces. Such efforts help support the work we do, build awareness about the importance of invertebrates, and allow you to share your enthusiasm for improving the world for these vital animals.

NOTE: This has been updated to reflect Facebook's current fundraiser format, as of December 6, 2021.


Here’s how you can host a Facebook fundraiser this year-end to support Xerces:

1. Visit

2. Click on the button that says "Select Nonprofit."


A screenshot shows the Fundraisers page on Facebook, with the "Select Nonprofit" button highlighted, and arrows pointing to it.


3. Once you click on the "Select Nonprofit" button, a small window will open; start typing the name of the Xerces Society in the search bar. Our name will autofill as Xerces Society Inc., our legal name for tax purposes. Once you select us, a new window, titled "Let's start with the basics," will open.

4. In the "Details" column to the left of the page, set a donation goal you’d like to reach. Start with a realistic goal (you can always increase the amount later). Don’t worry, Xerces will receive donated funds even if your goal isn’t met!

5. Set the end date for your campaign for December 31.


A screenshot of the "Details" column is shown, with the Xerces Society listed as the recipient, $200 selected as a sample amount for a fundraising goal, and December 31 entered as the final day for the fundraiser.


6. In the next field, titled "What's the title of your fundraiser?" you can choose a custom title for your fundraiser. (A generic one will be automatically provided by Facebook.)

7. In the the field "Why are you raising money?" you can add custom text to explain to your friends why you are supporting the Xerces Society. (Generic text will automatically be provided by Facebook.) Here is some wording you can use:

Dear friends and family, I’m raising money this year-end for the Xerces Society, to support their great work to protect bees, butterflies, and other invertebrates, and I’d love it if you’d help me. Any amount is appreciated! I’ve included information about Xerces below.

The Xerces Society is a nonprofit organization that protects wildlife through the conservation of invertebrates and their habitat. Established in 1971, the Society is a trusted source for science-based information and advice. Xerces’ conservation team draws together experts from the fields of habitat restoration, entomology, botany, conservation biology, farming, and gardening with a single focus: protecting the life that sustains us.

The Society’s staff have worked with farmers to create thousands of acres of pollinator habitat, supported local community groups with planting butterfly gardens, advised city councils on how to ban pesticides, trained agency staff to manage public lands for butterflies, and advocated for the protection of rare bumble bees and many other species.

8. Finally, in the field "Cover photo," you can use a default image from Facebook, or better yet, upload a photo of your favorite invertebrate, or use the Xerces Society cover photo we’ve provided below!

For more details, please see Facebook’s fundraiser FAQs. Of course, we are also always happy to answer your questions; please email [email protected]. We also would be glad to accept your donation directly at

Thank you for your support!


A collaged image with bees and butterflies, the Xerces Society logo, and the text "protecting the life that sustains us."


Additional Resources

Interested in membership? Learn more here!



Suzanne started working in the nonprofit sector in 2003 and has been with the Xerces Society since 2009. She is the main contact person for individual donors regarding their donations and planned giving. She came to the organization after completing her master's degree in public administration from Portland State University, where she focused on nonprofit development and grant writing.

Your Support Makes a Difference!

Xerces’ conservation work is powered by our donors. Your tax-deductible donation will help us to protect the life that sustains us.