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Everyone can do their part to help support bumble bees - from creating habitat, contributing to data collection efforts, or influencing policymakers to enact changes to benefit monarchs. Read on to learn about what monarcs need and what you can do to help.

Bumble Bees Throughout the Seasons

Bumble bees need different resources throughout the year to support their annual life-cycle: early-blooming flowers in the spring to feed emerging queen bumble bees, abundand flowers throughout the growing season to fuel their flight, and access to nesting sites and overwintering sites. Click the image above for a larger version.

What Bumble Bees Need

Blooming plants to feed bumble bees throughout the growing season from early spring to late fall

Leaf litter, brush piles, and other nesting and overwintering resources

Monitoring to understand changes in population size and range

Protection from pesticides and disease


Create, Restore, and Manage Habitat

From expansive meadows to backyard butterfly gardens and everywhere in between - every landscape can be optimized to support pollinators.

Pick the Right Plants

We’ve prepared research-based, regionally appropriate plant lists and guides to help you pick the very best plants for pollinators.

Provide Access to Nesting Sites

Like us, pollinators need a place to call home. Nesting resources can take many forms - from natural to man-made.

Managing Pests While Protecting Pollinators

Whether conventional or organic, all pesticides can pose a risk to pollinators if not used properly. Learn about the risks pesticides pose to pollinators, what measures can be used to reduce harm, and the many alternatives available to foster alternative methods of pest control.

Additional Ways to Get Involved

Join Bumble Bee Watch

Bumble Bee Watch allows users to upload photo’s, tag location data, and use tools to ID species. These sightings are then verified by an expert and used to to track and conserve North America’s bumble bees.

Do You Live in Oregon, Washington, or Idaho?

Help us track bumble bees in the pacific northwest by submitting observations to the Pacific Northwest Bumble Bee Atlas.

Bumble Bee Identification

Find tools and information for identifying bumble bees.

Pollinator Conservation Resources

Learn more about protecting and supporting all pollinators in your landscape.