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Scouting & Field History Reports for Early Season Corn and Soybean IPM

A chemical control strategy like neonicotinoid seed treatments should only be considered when there is a potential for harm demonstrated by scouting and field history. This fact sheet evaluates use of insecticidal seed treatments for seven corn and soybean pests and offers guidance on: (a) which corn and soybean pests neonicotinoid seed treatments may be used for, (b) when scouting should occur to inform future decisions on use of neonicotinoid seed treatments, and (c) how to scout for these early season pests. 

The fact sheet offers that neonicotinoid seed treatments may provide protection against the bean leaf beetle, seed corn maggot, true white grubs and wireworms. But insecticidal seed treatments are not recommended for corn flea beetle, black cutworm or corn rootworm. The guide also provides brief descriptions of each pest, the field conditions they favor, the injury they cause and alternative management options.


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