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Essays on Invertebrate Conservation

The Xerces Society marks its fiftieth birthday this December. This is a time to reflect on what has been achieved and the people who contributed to our success, but it is also important to look ahead at how we can continue this vital work. The articles in this issue of Wings describe initiatives that move us in new directions.

Celebrating the Past, Conserving the Future, by Scott Black. Page 3.

Habitat Kits: Partnering to Support Monarchs and Pollinators, by Kelly Gill. Thinking about how to increase pollinator habitat, it became apparent that one of the biggest hurdles faced by project partners was getting plants. Our answer to that was to create and make available kits with locally sourced native plants. Page 5.

Taking Invertebrate Conservation Underground, by Stephanie Frischie and Jennifer Hopwood. Throughout its fifty-year history, Xerces has focused its conservation efforts almost solely on animals that live above ground. The launch of a soil life initiative is changing that. Page 11.

How Grape Juice and Vacuums Can Help Save the World, by Aimée Code. The norm in pest management is to reach for a spray, which has led to troubling contamination across landscapes. Xerces staff are working to find alternatives. Page 17.

Conservation Spotlight. The City of Boulder and its staff have long been leaders in invertebrate conservation. Page 23.

Invertebrate Notes. News from the world of invertebrate conservation. Page 24.

Staff Profile. Deedee Soto, farm bill pollinator conservation planner. Page 26.

Xerces News. Updates on Xerces Society projects and successes. Page 27.

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