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Essays on Invertebrate Conservation

There seems to be a constant flow of bad news about environmental losses and declining wildlife populations. But there are also individuals and organizations working to create positive change, helping to turn the tide and bringing hope for the future.

Planting Habitat as an Act of Hope, by Scott Black.

Fender’s Blue on a Flight to Recovery, by Cheryl Schultz and Michele Collins. Once considered extinct, Fender’s blue butterfly has made a strong recovery thanks to science, hard work, and collaboration. 

Supporting Nature and Urban Communities Through the People’s Garden Initiative, by Kass Urban-Mead and Kelly Gill. Small gardens draw communities together to transform their neighborhoods. 

Collective Wingspan: Xerces Members Soar for Invertebrates, by Melissa Manuel. Xerces Society members and donors pitch in in remarkable ways to help the invertebrates they love. 

Why Xerces Does Not Accept Money from Pesticide or Oil Companies, by Scott Black.

Staff Profile. Emilie Blevins, senior endangered species conservation biologist.

Partner Spotlight. Colorado’s Department of Natural Resources.

Xerces News. Updates on Xerces Society projects and successes.

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