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for Vegetable Producers in the Upper Midwest

Cover crops have many traditional uses on farms, ranging from preventing erosion and improving soil health to suppressing weeds and breaking pest cycles. This bulletin will help farmers and managers use cover crops to attract and support pollinators and other beneficial insects on vegetable farms in the Upper Midwest, while also addressing other resource concerns.
Authors: Sarah Foltz Jordan, Karin Jokela, Adria Fernandez, Naomy Candelaria, Mary Rogers, and Julie Grossman. Thanks to: Sarah Woutat of Marbleseed, Nick & Joan Olson of Prairie Drifter Farm, Dana Jokela of Sogn Valley Farm, Javier Garcia of Agua Gorda Cooperative, Eric Lee Mader of Xerces, and Vivian Wauters. Funded by: North Central SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education).

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