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What is the X Kids Program?

Many years ago, there was a butterfly called the Xerces blue. The Xerces blue lived in sand dunes on the edge of San Francisco in California and its caterpillars depended on specific plants growing there to eat. Over the years, the habitat got smaller as the city got bigger and eventually the butterflies no longer had the food and shelter they needed to survive. The Xerces blue butterfly was last seen alive in the early 1940s.

While this story is very sad, it sparked the idea to start an organization of people to help prevent this from happening to other butterflies and invertebrates. In 1971, the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation was founded, named after the Xerces blue.

As an X Kid, you will use your superpowers to help the Xerces Society save incredible invertebrates!

Who can become an X Kid?

Anyone! The program was created for kids from 3rd to 5th grade but all are welcome to participate. This program can be done by individuals or used in a group setting such as a classroom, camp, or afterschool program.

Tip: This should be completed when the weather is warm enough to be outside and observe a variety of invertebrates


How you can become an X Kid!

1) Go on an adventure with Blue the Butterfly to meet other invertebrates and learn about their superpowers. Download your booklet by clicking the button below.

Download X Kids Activity Here! (Color)
Download X Kids Activity Here! (B/W)


2) Complete the Xperience activities along the way.


3) Tell us that you’ve completed your booklet and submit your pledge to get your X Kids badge! All activities must be completed in order to receive a badge. Please fill out the survey after all activities have been completed.

I am an X Kid - Submit Your Pledge and Order Badge Here
I am a group leader or teacher of X Kids - Submit Your Pledge and Order Badge Here

xerces kids badge

Download your certificate here

If you have questions, please contact [email protected].


Note to parents/guardians: This activity book is designed for kids ages 8 - 11 but may be suitable for other ages. It is best done with the help of an adult or an older child.



  • Special thanks to the Xerces Ambassadors for their work in developing the story and activities.
  • Special thanks to LandPaths for providing guidance and feedback on the development of the program and Spanish translation.



How long will this take me to complete?
  There are nine different activities. Some of those activities would take about five minutes while others could take from 30 minutes to an hour.

Is there any cost to participate?
  There is no cost to participate in the program. It is completely free!

I'm younger or older, can I be an X Kid?
  Yes! Anyone can be an X Kid! Some of the activities may be more challenging for younger age groups.

I’m a teacher or group leader; can I use this in my classroom or for camp?
  Yes – this booklet is meant to be used by individuals and groups. It may only be used for educational purposes. You may not sell it or charge a fee for it.